The Parkelogue Danya & Eric's National Park Travelogue

A Book to Guide Us!


Our friend Karen got us this fantastic book to help us find our way! It is "Your Guide to the National Parks" and it is as good as it sounds. This is the National Park guide to get: The Complete Guide to all 58 National Parks


We've started digging in to the Glacier section and have booked our Jammer bus tour based on the book's recommendation. Next on the list is deciding which hikes to try. The book has a great table layout of the many trails in Glacier and what to expect on each hike. It's going to take us some time to decide which to do!

Our Plan to Visit Every National Park Begins!


The plan was set in motion as a Christmas gift. The gift is a commitment to visiting all of the 58 National Parks in our lifetime and a handmade map that will track our progress. It is watercolor and ink but, more importantly, it has cork behind it and the frame is hinged on the top so we can get in and pin our progress as we visit the parks through the years. Our first trip is to Glacier National Park for Danya's birthday in July! If you look closely, you can see the Glacier pin already in place up there in Montana. When we look back at the end, and this map is full of pins, it will have been an amazing journey. That, we are sure of!

What our map is made of

2'x3' Watercolor Paper


India Ink

Cork Board


Drift Wood